Absolute Beginners Autodesk Maya Course


Runtime – 16hr 30min

Autodesk Maya for Beginners Complete Course
[16hr 30min] Project Files Included

This a step-by-step tutorial showing how to use Maya.  Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting, Materials, Rigging, Animation, and Dynamics will all be covered.  Learn from an industry professional with over 14 years of teaching experience.  You will start off creating a snowman scene that will give you an overview of the different things Maya can do.  From there you will dive deep into each aspect.  Project files are included so you can easily follow along.  Follow from start to finish or jump into any section that you are interested in.  Each video is around 10 minutes or less to help you get your information as direct as possible. 

All files need Maya 2020 or newer to open
Adobe Photoshop recommended  for some texturing files
Adobe After Effects recommended for some rendering lessons

Video Tutorials
There are 126 Video Tutorials averaging about 10 minutes per video. These can be viewed in order or feel free to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique.

[ 1hr 41min] Quick Start Overview Project
                               Modeling Snowman (using views to align primitives)
                               Adding Color (adding materials)
                               Creating Trees
                               Adding Dynamic Snow
                               Animating Hat
                               Rendering Video

[ 3hr 32min] Modeling
                              Hard Surface (Polygon)
                              Organic Character (Polygon)

[ 2hr 00min] Texturing
                            Proper Resolution
                             UV Mapping Hard Surface
                             UV Mapping Organic
                             Texturing (Photoshop)

[ 1hr 25min] Materials / Rendering / Lighting
                             Bump, Specular, and Transparency Maps
                             Hypershade / Attribute Editor
                             Chrome, Glass, and more
                             3 Point Lighting
                             Rendering Image Sequence

[ 1hr 29min] Rigging
                            Skeleton (Human IK)
                            Control Rig (Human IK)
                            Face Joints / Constraints
                            Painting Skin Weights
                            Custom GUI
                            Set Driven Keys
                            Custom Attributes

[ 3hr 21min] Animation
                            Bouncing Ball
                            Walk Cycle
                            Lip Sync
                            Graph Editor / Dope Sheet
                            Animation Layers
                            Motion Paths / Cycle Infinity

[ 2hr 08min] Dynamics
                            Active and Passive Rigid Bodies
                            Bowling / Catapult / Dominoes / Jenga
                            Particles (Water / Smoke)
                            Fluid Containers (Logo Fade)

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Course Includes

  • 127 Lessons