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What Will We Learn?

Would you like to be able to create a stylized face? A stylized body, clothes and let’s be honest – a whole character? Then maybe you have come to the right place!

My name is Niko and i’ve been a 3D character artist for over 11 years. My passion were always the stylized characters and with more than 20 stylized characters done by me in last 2 years i feel ready to teach you how to do one yourself.

In this course, if you choose to accept it, you will learn how to create a stylized female cyberpunk character with clothes, accessories and a big gun from concept. All from scratch, all only in Zbrish, using the latest technology and of course the great concept from @artofmaki.

We will start with two short videos of customizing the Zbrush UI and making a custom menu with most used operations for more efficient and fast workflow.

We will then really start the model, by making the head. I will talk about head anatomy, common mistakes and ways to stylize. Then we will make the eyes and will model the interesting mohawk hair. After that we will make the torso, hands, feet and fingers, while talking about anatomy and stylization too. Then we will start our 3D sketch in order to imagine better what the character will look like when fnished. Next we will turn our attention to the individual parts of her clothing and accessories by starting with the jacket. After that we will do the hard surface modelling of the shoulders and her collar or neck armor. Then we will jump to the gloves and also the belts. We will struggle a bit, but finaly triumph with the making of the gas mask on her hip.

After that we will get to the knee pads and go straight to model the boots. The boots will take us some time and effort, but we will be victorious in this battle too.
Then it will be time to make the weapon, which is the most complicated hard surface part in our character, but i will guide you so smoothly trough the process of making it from simple forms to the details, that you will never think of making hard surface things outside of Zbrush ever again!
Then, after we combine the weapon with our girl, the work on the game ready high poly mesh will be completed. We will continue, though, because for presentation, a nice pose always wins over a t-pose. And we will make the pose from the concept.
There will be drama, tears, laughter and finaly we will, once again be victorious and with happy hearts will do render passes and combine them in Photoshop to achieve the final beauty render.

This course is mainly for intermediate Zbrush users, but if you are a beginner and you feel adventurous, you may give it a try (and after the first few videos go and check out my Absolute beginners Zbrush course, and then get back to this one :))

So do you feel like learning some new skills, tricks and improving yourself? If so, i will wait for you in the first video of the course! Aaand also in all the others…:)

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Course Includes

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