Unreal engine AI vs Unity AI

Let’s not be too hasty

There is not particularly much room for comparison here. Unity AI is not as good as Unreal AI. Unreal has the edge in every way. Unreal has behavior trees, Unity has no such features. The totality of Unity AI, is nothing. You have to design it yourself out of the box, failing that, you will have to get together a bunch of plugins, to approximate what Unreal does out of the box.

I feel like, Unreal is basically the best thing ever. You could go with Unity, and it’s assortment of problems, I have dabbled in it and I could go back if I wanted to, but it just damn near always fails to build a deliverable. I guess static unchanged demo scenes will build. But try to get that thing to work with a complex nefariously designed system, any complex system really, and it crumbles. It is not like this for other people, it is strange to me why I have memory issues when other people seem to be able to build their deliverable. But anyway, in Unreal, I can build my deliverable. It is also a cleaner, prettier, smarter, more reliable, long term answer to game development. I’m still waiting for a reason to build my game in my own engine which they told me was so important to do, I am busy with Unreal 5 and did not notice it’s relevance as existing.

If you’re not sure if you want to switch to Unreal or Unity, we can help you make up your mind with this article.

Can you make an AI in Unity?

Is Unreal engine better or Unity?

Unreal outclasses Unity in almost every way. It has blueprint, which is not just powerful, it allows you to start making games with no programming knowledge, it has a better asset store, better out of the box features, better graphics (even in HDRP), Unity is better at 2D games, that’s all.

What is AI perception?

AI Perception is the ability of AI to see, hear, smell, touch, and other senses. It allows you to make a coherent whole out of these disparate sensory inputs and bring it to a cohesive system capable of processing and responding to data.

So what are our options when it comes to Unity AI?

You have many fine choices, of plugins. For instance, we have Emerald AI:

Here’s a link to Emerald AI on the Unity Asset Store.

Emerald AI is a fine piece of software for Unity, mandatory if you’re not crafting your own AI somehow. Emerald AI, breaks when there are too many AI on screen. Emerald AI is silly when it breaks, enemies stand there, doing their idle animation, doing nothing, every once in a while they move, and then stop, maybe they attack someone once. Emerald AI is the best AI system available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

It has factions, emotions, relationships (with plugins), personality types, idle, passive, cautious, aggressive, you can control the movement speed and type, the attacks available, melee and long range, item dropping, all kinds of stuff.

Integrates with several well used systems. This is the problem, integration, is a nightmare in Emerald AI. I was using a system that integrated with it, but it just wasn’t quite there, lots of changes had to be made to each AI to make them function. Bugs were a thing, very apparent and hard to notice. Getting a functional AI going was a huge task, and they were broken, very unhappy situation for all concerned.

The other AI systems available on Unity are notable for being a lot less stable and more buggy than Emerald AI. After shopping around, I would have to say you should go with Emerald AI.

It’s the best AI system in Unity, and it’s terrible…. Just terrible… lol

Now let’s compare it to an equivalent AI system in Unreal.

Easy Survival RPG v2.5

This isn’t really an AI system as such, it CONTAINS an AI system, but it is not one. It is an all inclusive out of the box solution for all your game design needs. It has an inventory system, it had AI enemies, it has a really awesome character controller, it has melee and ranged weapons, it has a dialogue and quest system, it has research, it has crafting, it has merchants, it has like 55 different kinds of weapons. It so good it hurts, and when you start plugging in your Daz3D Models, well, you can make a pretty damn good game, and I did….

Unlike my Unity PTSD nightmares, not only is the game better in Unreal, the deliverable builds. Without errors.

The enemies are a little bit on the simple side. The Ai is mostly, see human, kill human, i know how to fight. There’s not a lot of depth there, these are not philosopher kings we are dealing with here, but they do the job. You can respawn them again and again without issue, large numbers are groups are ok. Yeah, things are good here, with this one. You’d be very well off and fortunate to be working with this system. Very expensive, for a reason, worth the money, get it on sale they told me. They don’t know who they’re dealing with, bought on day 1.

I’m bad with money.

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Unreal has built in behavior trees. Unity has a plugin called bolt. =\ Unreal Behavior Trees are easy to use and understand, they have a clean standard direct flow of execution from the start of the tree through all the branches and checks. Yeah you can do cool stuff with behavior trees.

You can create these nodes, and it cycles through them in a sequence, you can put checks on the nodes so they only trigger if certain conditions are met, then it cycles through everything it can cycle through, and then goes back to the start and loops because that’s what everything does in a game engine.

You can craft really complex systems with this thing.


When you’re trying to decide between anything Unreal vs Unity related, you know me, I support Unity through and through so I serupticiously pretend to support Unreal, because it’s so transparently not as good.

I mean sure it has blueprint, blueprint is great and all, but have you tried bolt? Fast as a bolt, that’s why they named it that.

There’s maybe better graphics in Unreal, but Unity has heart, you can’t fake that and you can’t deny it’s significance. Unity just wanted it more.

And sure Unreal is the more stable professional platform, but Unity is interesting, and kind.

And maybe Unreal has a better asset store, but the power of Unity is in the amount of things you can and must plug into it to get anywhere, which is why it was necessary to balance these overpowered plugins, with bugs. The bugs are necessary, or else Unity would be overpowered, and thus unfair and no fun for Unreal.

And yes, in terms of AI, Unreal has behavior trees, and Unity has nothing, but everything, is nothing, as nihilism teaches us. Which means, Unity has everything….. EVERYTHING….

I’m sorry I just can’t sit here and pretend there is any competition between the two. Unreal outclasses Unity in every way possible, with the impending release of Unreal 5, Unity should maybe consider finding another line of work.


I’m not going to wring my hands in grief and cry because Unity is no longer for me. I have Unreal now, I am satisfied. As the day rolls on, each day I feel my power growing, my might and eminence increasing and surging with unbridled rapture at my rapidly returning investments in the Unreal Engine. I have not yet adopted Unreal Engine 5. I am awaiting the official release AND mod compatibility, and would probably require a new PC before I did it, for a second project. And my game is in Unreal 4, so I am in Unreal 4 for now. And the foreseeable future, I am very happy with Unreal 4, I have settled into it and it is the perfect engine. My game is in the development stage, framework stage is completed. I will not be upgrading my version of Unreal to anything higher than 4.26 .


There is no point, it could break compatibility.

Mods have not been ADDED, they have been ripped apart and restructured in full. Upgrading my mods would likely reformat and break important characters and features. I would probably have to remake many important prefabs. It would be troublesome indeed to upgrade to a new version of Unreal, for no foreseeable benefit.

Furthermore it would be suicidal to Upgrade to Unreal 5, as this would likely break so much compatibility I would have to remake the entire game from scratch.

Sometimes it is good to stay where you are, and develop, when you have a good framework. Just sit, let the days pass, and develop. I have taken too little heed of this.

I have not developed for weeks….

Work does not complete itself magically, I have learned. If one schedules other activities during a work day, then nothing is accomplished. If you put in the time, to develop, every day, once every day or two at least, then in 1 year, you will have accumulated a small mountain of work, which taken in the grander context, will produce powerful systems, expansive environments, an serpantine quest and story manifestos twisting in narrative form, and leading to endless variation and options.

In the end,

You will have a game, truly worthy of playing.

This game can be sold for money, to many companies and rich executives, salivating at the bets for a chance to find impressive new talent in the gaming industry.

Why one would avoid high paying work

I have no taste for such work, it is highly paying yes, but it is taxing to make the games of others, I am an artist. I have something to say, if you waste my time making your game, I will never be able to make mine better.

I am a writer. I have enough money, to support all of my many needs, every month, without discomfort. My time is spent putting my ideas into literary form. Soon I will own property, a nice big house out somewhere in the stretch of mother Russia. I can pursue my interests at my leisure, date who I want to date, do what I want to do with my time, make my game when I have the taste for it.

To make a considerable amount more money, upon creating and publishing that game, the proof of my infernal genius, by working for a company making their latest 200+ million dollar catastrophe, sweeping up any talent capable of making a game that good, is something I have no taste for.

It is a waste of valuable time, what matters, is to pursue my interests, write to make a comfortable living, live in my home with my wife, and family, and do with my time what matters most to me.

Find what you want to do and do it.

Do as thou wilt,
Shall be the whole of the law.

For death becons all too soon,

I believe it is best to switch to Unreal Engine AI over Unity AI, despite Unity AI actually having superior features and functionality, it is broken, it cannot build a deliverable. Emerald AI is beautiful but pointless, Unreal AI, while lacking in features, is professional grade in optimization and stability and sheer polish of the fighting mechanics. It is also a beautiful sight to behold. And I’d rather have a full game system, than an AI system requiring constant repair, and remaking, which must be integrated into other software.

Look girlfriend,

Baskin says hello to u in his article.

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