There are some universal truths, women prefer men with more than one girl, men prefer girls with fewer than 2 men, and easy survival rpg v2.5 is the premier best framework for action roleplaying mechanics on EPIC GAMES STORE, you should buy it TODAY, period, don’t wait for a sale NOW, learn faster your time is worth more than the DISCOUNT. It has MULTIPLAYER RPG CAPABILITIES. It has an array of weapons, melee, ranged, shotguns, rifles, pistols, it has like 42 different brawling weapons, it has armor, it has EVERYTHING, GODBLESSIN EVERYTHING…. It has crafting, loot, UI, it has a character controller like a AAA Masterpiece, it has modular level construction, just plug in and play with your character game mode. It has high quality EFFECTIVE enemy AI, with MODULAR CHARACTERS, both AI and CHARACTER. EVERYTHING….. E V E R Y T H I N G .



The combat mechanics are from Heaven. It’s not just good, it’s my favorite game and I MADE IT. THIS GAME I have designs on for like 3 years before release. Literally. It’s that good. I don’t want to release it without waiting until it is heavily into commercial OMEGA Stage. A fully complete game. It is like the best action game I ever played, the rifles are so perfectly constructed, you can pick them up as loot, and they fall into disrepair, you also need to bring ammo, but you need to think about encumbrance.

So you pick up enough to supply yourself but don’t get overloaded. We sit atop the spire as the Gods of this world, looking down upon the lowly subjects, for we are the men and women of science, and it is we who study thee.

The enemy AI is also really good

The enemies are modular, like I said, so you can make your own ones really easily. They’re fun and REALLY well constructed, they are smart and fight perfectly, and bug free, no problem.

Really the best AI system I have ever worked with, and there are no competitors. It reminds me of my home in Chinatown, the perfect mix of pretty young girls, drugs, lawlessness, poverty, residential neighborhoods, every shop you possibly could need with a 7/11 adjacent, STEPS INTO ANY OTHER PART OF THE CITY. Walk to the west down Spadina (a street in Johannesburg where I am staying), walk to city hall, walk to young street, talk with the preachers about my book. Hippie commune to the west. The AI reminds me of this, in it’s completeness, and perfectness, fulfilling all required criteria, and never having even a single bug of problem of any kind, when you know how to use the systems.

No ranged mechanics from the enemies, otherwise perfect. Complete with indiv placement or autospawners, your call, change number of spawns, rate of spawns, max active per spawner, time between spawns, etc, etc….. My gentlemens club level is the toughest part of the CITY. In my game HARMONY, soon to be released in 2024.

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As I glide into the dating market, I wished to establish myself as the ALPHA PREDATOR in CHINATOWN. So a series of wars and experiments have been inflicted and waged upon the CHINATOWN JOHANNESBERG CITIZENS. However, with war achieved, at home, victory. I changed my tune to peaceful coexistence, love, dating equality and other single guy concepts. I brought the beast back to slumber, sleep beast, sleep and slumber beast…. I can still hear them now, vicious things, you scare a giant bear like that, you don’t cower and hide and wait to be eaten. But now that I have established myself as the dominant alpha and king of the men, I now turn my attention to dating. This is due to the fact that I am a professional writer, and salaried journalist, due to my game design knowledge. You can easily displace your 9-5 tim hortons job for game design and make the same money or better with an actual future…. I’d rather writer personally.

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Teleporters between levels carry over all your weapons and items and other accumulated things like money and food and supplies and crafting goods and ammo as well as your levels, spent points, armor, etc. You can also easily tear apart the blueprints and make that functionality with normal box collider teleportation. Or at least that was easy for me.

I now have like 70 or 80 levels. A SLEW of enemies, of all kinds of various types of pretty girl in various, states, of….. and fat guys in suits. And Ninjas for the Tokyo Level.

Glory Be, the messiah is come.

I just wanna work on the game now.


Easy Survival RPG is also fully multiplayer compliant, I haven’t dealt with it I make single player but it is built from the ground up for multiplayer. I can already see how it would play, melee is more playable, ganking possible, team tactics with rifles very good gunplay, raid a infected district together. It is the kind of game where it would be fun in single player but even better in multiplayer, and you could make harder zones you need many people to get through. The gentlemens club for instance is a very difficult area.


Until you learn the system, a bit unwieldy, but once you know what you’re doing, easy to reproduce and recreate. They are really beautiful really smooth animations, they go great with my daz characters, glorious…. My main character is glorious. I am SO PROUD OF THIS GAME.


The story is very difficult to work with, it is complex and has a whole quest tracking system, very effective if you get good with it, but too many moving pieces, unweildy!

Instead I’m going to enable visual novel scenes instead through vn builder. Much cleaner, faster, more efficient, BETTER RESULTS >=) Visual novel features (still to be implemented).


They have swords, clubs, sticks, axes, bows and arrows, guns, shotguns, pistols, peashooters, rifles, death from above space missile defense systems shooter cannon, EVERYTHING, and everything in between, with multiple versions of each, and each weapon type having it’s own animation style I think….. AMAZING

It even has fist punching…..


Don’t bother with anything else, you only get one complete project pack, choose this. Get this first, then build around it, period, article over. Buy it, now, 1 day worth 400 dollars in time.

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