Best Assets on the Unreal Marketplace

Unreal has some of the best assets on the market. Primarily environmental assets, I find are very strong on the Unreal Marketplace, but there are a variety of different types. I find, if you’re buying characters, you are better off on the Daz Store. Unreal Marketplace characters are overpriced, and underqualitied, in my experience. I also was somewhat unimpressed with Character Creator 3, finding the assets less good than the Raw Daz Assets I had been working with. They are still very high quality, but I wager I need to buy a lot more of them to get anywhere worth going…..

I am insatiable….

I won’t tell you what I just did, but I am insatiable, it’s a problem.

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Ok so why don’t we get right into some great assets for the Unreal Marketplace.

Where can I buy unreal assets?

You can find all the assets you need on the Unreal Marketplace, . Just make sure you actually buy your assets, instead of clogging up your collection with a bunch of low quality free ones.

What are the best unreal assets?

  • 1: Easy Survival RPG v2.5 ($379)
  • 2: Modular Dungeon Kit – Medieval Dungeon – Fantasy Dungeon – Dungeons ($101)
  • 3: Suburb Neighborhood House Pack [Modular] ($88)
  • 4: Ultimate SFX & Music Bundle – Everything Bundle ($30)
  • 5: Old Brick House ($63 – Free for Sept 2021)
  • 6: Japanese School Collection – 5 Asset Packs, Over 200 Assets ($101)
  • 7: Japanese Temple ($88)
  • 8: Medieval Gothic Cathedral Dungeon – Modular ($63)
  • 9: Japanese City Pack ($120)
  • 10: Millionaire Mansion Pack ($44)
  • 11: Street New York ($44)
  • 12: Japanese Street ($44)

[In CAD]

Modular Dungeon Kit – Medieval Dungeon – Fantasy Dungeon – Dungeons

This one is by Sidearm Studios. I previously reviewed this as The Depths Below, right here.

This thing is so beautiful, it reminds me of my favorite games, it is so artfully constructed, so beautiful in form, so grand and glorious and big and detailed. It’s even modular, you can make your own levels with this pack. It’s a thing of beauty to say the least.

The rooms are filled with hallways you can connect to other areas, there are cages in the walls, where you can put your enemy characters and like certain games I’ve played, they can attack you through the cage wall, it’s just so well made. It is one of the most beautiful assets, if not the most beautiful I have ever seen.

It is the highest quality asset. You cannot find something better made than this, maybe you can equal it, but this asset is hard to match.

Here have a look, tell me you are not in love.


I have a weakness for Japanese Temples…. Look how beautiful this one is, it’s got three beautiful buddha’s sitting in the center of the temple. Buddha felt comfortable leaving his wife alone, because he knew that his father the king would kill anyone who tried. Not all of us can rely on our father the king. But Baskin can…. My father king of Russia. This reminds me of my own buddhist temple, at my third home, in Moscow.

The only problem with this is the three buddha’s are kind of the same, I once saw a temple that had a blackened sooty buddha, a well worn stone buddha, and a brand new shimmering gold buddha. Not statues mind you, these were actual people, very clever. They told many jokes to Baskin to which laughter was the response.

In all seriousness, Baskin rather like Buddhism, it is a good philosophy, with a lot to think about. It is primarily the philosophy of men walking away, and the avalanche of thoughts and issues which present themself, when walking away. The talk of enlightenment, somewhat overstated. It is a lot simpler than all that. The purported enlightenment, is just a smart man having time to think alone for a long time.

It is a rather beautiful asset, I am happy with it, although I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this scene yet.

Millionaire Mansions Pack

I cannot help myself. I cannot resist. I saw this on sale and thought, that’s the mansion from GTA 4. I had no business buying this, I am not rich guy, I have a lot of assets to my name, but I am not rich guy. I had no business purchasing this when running a heavy deficit, but the food money, seemed like enough to buy the asset, and the availability of food banks, sealed the deal.

Now with the food banks, my constant companion through times of strife and struggling, I have my own millionaire mansion and I’m a success story. Just keep telling yourself that until you believe it. I will be hanging out in my mansion laughing, sipping discount coffee and chowing down on steak. In my game, this mansion, is glorious. It is where you go to pick up shotguns and shotgun ammo. It is moderate difficulty level, and not much to do there yet. The whole world is empty now. Soon it will be filled and flush with stuff and things.

I bet you wish you were as successful as me, and you also had your own millionaire mansion. Well too bad, I bought it, it’s mine. You can buy a copy but you’re cheating. You just ripoff my ideas if you do.

Ultimate SFX & Music Bundle – Everything Bundle (30$)

This is a really excellent bundle of music and sounds for only 30 dollars. It’s current on sale for about half of that. I really like the cyberpunk music, and it’s worth it just for the music, but the SFX bundle is also really good, so this is a great deal. Check it out!

Old Brick House

If you were paying attention you already picked this up when it was free. Every month, start of the month, get your free Unreal Assets. Some of them are REALLY good, case in point, this.

It is so beautiful, it hurts. I haven’t even added this to my game yet, it’s that fresh in my asset list. I’m looking forward to finding a nice place for this country house in my game, who knows where I will put it.

Just look at the detail, fully furnished interior, multiple rooms, all explorable, a nice red brick exterior, a nice big field to run around in. This thing is just magic beautiful. I cannot overstate how goddamn beautiful this old brick house is. And I look forward to adding it to my game.

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Anyway back to business….

Suburb Neighborhood House Pack [Modular]

The suburban neighborhood pack is one of the nicest on the store, just look at this idyllic scene, is it not glory? Look at how pretty this is, really look at it. It’s gloriously pretty.

The buildings have interiors, with basements and lots of rooms with doors you can open. I love this scene. It is the first place you go to after you exit the hub world. There is an assortment of enemies patrolling the neighborhood, who you must kill. They respawn fast, but you might want to farm them for quest fodder to unlock the Yoga Room.

Oh yeah, it also comes with a night and daytime version, so you can have this really cute, nighttime scene, just out of a dream. I fought with myself over which one I should choose, eventually deciding that the daytime was cuter than the night.

Nevertheless, a very dark haunting scene awaits you in the nighttime level, it is also a nice place to experiment with Lumen Lighting in Unreal 5. You could imagine a creepy spooky horror game taking place here, and I will make use of the nighttime map at another time. Dark world, maybe I will fiddle with the light settings and turn the darkness red.

Polygon Sci Fi City

Another district in my little game, is the Synty Polygon Sci Fi City. This is a really beautiful city scene, that you can pick this thing up on sale for about 30 bucks, or 60 normally. It goes on sale a lot so pick it up at 30. The district is huge, the only thing I don’t like is some buildings you should be able to walk into, have invisible walls baked so hard into them, I can’t even find what I’m supposed to remove. But it’s the perfect district for punk type enemies, and I have an assortment of them.

It really is beautiful to walk around in….

One of the prettiest in the city of Unreal.

Medieval Gothic Cathedral Dungeon Modular

Doesn’t this thing look good. I don’t have this but I want it. Really a lot. Look at these beautiful spires. They have interiors too. Look at this:

I could do so much cool stuff with this. It fits in with the themes of some of my other dungeons. This would mix nicely with The Depths Below, I would have a door unlock, in the depths below, leading to this, as a shortcut to father along in the map.

Look at that spire. It reminds me of Pathologic.

Very niceickle…. Very pretty, it also reminds me a bit of Thief The Dark Project. Beautiful. I want.

1950s NYC Environment Megapack ( Modular with Interiors and Characters)

This is an interesting looking pack. I don’t own this. This pack is 316 dollars. Madness. But what it does offer, is a full sized city, for you to explore and walk around in, complete with cars, I THINK there’s a traffic system (don’t quote me on that). This giant city, is complete with INTERIORS. Are you listening? INTERIORS…. It is a full sized city WITH interiors. I want so bad, the price is insane, it’s expensive even at half price on payday, but I want.

Next Gen Modular City V3 [Bundle-Exteriors & Interiors]

I want.

Look at how beautiful this is. It’s a procedural city generator. So pure. You can make procedural cities with this, and it’s an ASSET PACK. Not a complete project. Basically if it’s not my framework, I never want to see a complete project, just renders the thing unusable when I already have a nice framework. This thing has INTERIORS and EXTERIORS, it has procedural roads and procedural buildings. I THINK it has a traffic system. And unlike the absurdly expensive asset just above at 316 dollars, this one clocks in at a very reasonable, hrmph…… 253 dollars. Even on sale this thing is too expensive, but I want…..

Easy Survival RPG v2.5

Ok, this thing is 379 dollars. You’re probably saying are you frelling nuts?? Smeg, no I’m not. You need to pay attention now.

Would you like your game to become professional grade, overnight? Then you need this asset. What do you get? You get a character controller with a replaceable character, you get enemy types with replaceable characters and swappable weapons. You get an inventory system. You get a leveling system. You get UI. You get research. You get hundreds of weapons. You get a quest system. A dialogue system. You get damn near everything you need to make your game professional and I bought this at FULL PRICE, because I could not live a day longer without it.

It is too good. Buy it. You WILL come into some money soon. Don’t waste it on worthless food, the food bank exists for a reason. It is so you may purchase this asset.

You will be going to the same place as the patrons of the food bank are wont to. But you are not the same as them, you are not there because you have no money, oh no, you have money, you spent it on Easy Survival RPG v2.5. And regret is not a word in your vocabulary.

I am so happy I bought this. I have a commercial grade game in the works thanks to this asset. It is a GOOOOOD character controller. The combat is nice and weighty, the ranged combat is glorious, the enemies are dumb but they fight smart, their combat mechanics are very nicely polished. It feels great to fire a weapon in this game. It aims well, it shoots well, it has a good sound, it feels weighty with a nice recoil, it lands hard, staggers the enemy. It is glorious. I cannot over-recommend.

This is the number one asset you should be attempting to purchase. Bar none. Never settle.

By the way, don’t be distracted by free assets like this. The good stuff costs money.

Japanese School Collection – 5 Asset Packs, Over 200 Assets

Are you building a game with a Japanese School in it? Then this looks like the asset for me. I want this… I covet this…. I admit it. If you don’t like this asset, there’s something wrong with you. Look how beautiful it is.

Glorious. I can totally imagine making my game have it’s own japanese school to run around in, with all kinds of cool characters imported from Daz. The story writes itself. Enthusiastically.

They have everything……

Look there’s a canteen:

Here’s the Gym.

Take another look at the classroom….

If you’re like me you’re thinking, I could make Persona 2 with 3D graphics with this thing…. That’s what you’re thinking.

It comes with, this cool administrative office. AWESOME!!!

The principal in here. I think…. oops there goes my readability…….

Look at this hallway, does this not remind you of Yandere Simulator. Because that’s the first thing I thought…. Very nice. Lovely. I want to buy this thing.

It costs 101 dollars. Very Cheap Considering what you get……

Japanese City Pack

This one is really nice, I’m waiting for this to go on sale. It’s 120 dollars normally, I want half price on a day I have some money. It’s really nice, I can see walking around in this thing. Very pretty. Very kawaii.

Heaven is a very cute place. It’s cute. Kawaii desu. Look they have social distancing guidelines in this asset hahahahaha…. I suppose there is some upside to the weak softness of society. At least it is funny.

I will pick this up when it is on sale, who knows when, I will need money but that’s less of an issue lately. Something in my life has changed, and now I have lots of money.

I wish to speak to my girlfriend now.



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