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There’s not much reason to choose Unity over Unreal. Nevertheless, if you’re going to be using Unity, there are a few nice assets you might want to pick up. I have some experience with this. Since before I realized I couldn’t build a deliverable, I put a great deal of effort into Unity. Unity is a fine game engine, in lieu of Unreal existing, it is a good game engine. So if your choice of Engine is Unity, here are some beautiful resources for you to get started with.

Before we start, you might want to consider checking out our review of the best assets on the Unreal Marketplace.

Where can I get good assets for unity?

  • GAIA PRO 2021 ($289)
  • CSCAPE ($44)
  • NEO FPS ($75)

Can you use assets from Unity asset Store?

You can use anything you buy from the Unity Asset store in your commercial Unity game, except certain free assets. However if you wish to use these assets in other game engines, most assets will allow it, but check the license because some don’t.

Can I sell a game made with Unity free?

Yes you can absolutely do so without upgrading, it’s easy and takes no time.

So let’s dive right into it….

GAIA PRO 2021 ($289)

In terms of Unity Assets, this is the top tier, it allows you to make huge sprawling open world landscapes in a few minutes, you can plug in your own resources, for instance I once made a forest of cherry blossom trees made by a friend of mine.

Looked somewhat as pretty as this….

Actually there’s not much more to say about this one, so I’m moving on, big procedural environments out of nothing, good quality, and you can plug in your own resources, beyond that, it doesn’t do much more than it says on the tin. But it is a very helpful asset, to be sure.

CSCAPE ($44)

This resource is really quite nice. It allows you to build these really huge, elaborate cities, within a few minutes. When it works it’s really effective, and placing your game inside one of these big cities could really work out well.

I can’t recommend this enough, some people say the cities are low quality close up, I disagree, these are very nice for random style cities. Really makes for a nice environment to walk around in in your game.

OPSIVE Ultimate Character Controller ($210)

You can find it right here. The OPSIVE UCC. This is a really nice controller, it does first or third person, with some tinkering you can add your own character to it. It has a very nice weighty feel, the weapons have good sound and recoil when firing, again they feel weighty, which is always a good thing. It has a feel like Half Life 2. You genuinely feel like you’re working with a similar controller. Setting up your own character is hard, there are many steps and it’s easy to screw up.

It might take some doing to get your enemies to take damage from this thing, it will require a lot of hacking to get running in a serious game, but that’s your job. It’s a good foundation for a full game, although I kept crashing with memory issues, but that seemed to be a more generalized problem than what I was facing on my own.

NEO FPS ($75)

The guy who makes this, he’s actually a pretty good friend of mine. You’ll find him very responsive on his discord. He helped me figure out all kinds of problems in my game, and he got NEO FPS working with Emerald AI for me, and helped with all kinds of other stuff.

You can pick it up here.

The controller is awesome, maybe not quite weighty enough, I don’t feel like I’m firing a gun with a lot of recoil with this one, the sounds or something, but the controller itself is very good. If you’re making an FPS this is great, it’s got so many different weapons, it’s just insanity.

It has parkour, if you enable it. You can make a state system if you want, that would let you build up your speed an agility, until you’re running around like a sportscar and jumping over tall buildings.

Cannot recommend this enough. Good price too. I based my game on this asset.


This thing is so beautiful, I quadrupled this city, and it’s huge to walk around in. It’s a genuine masterpiece, it looks like Chicago or something. Very nice quality buildings, it reminds me a bit of GTA 4.

I had so much fun wandering around this city, fighting the enemies I’d created, with my NEO FPS controller set to parkour with high running speed, it was just glory walkin’ around this city. I looked at this and though, yeah that’s GTA 4. I must have. One of the first things I ever bought on Unity.

I still need to pick it up for Unreal, because I noticed it’s there too.


This bundle is really decent. It comes with a music collection, which is the real treasure of the bundle, but it also has an equally good SFX collection thrown in, and for only only 30 dollars. It really is a good bundle.

I like the Cyberpunk Music the best, you get a whole bunch of music packs but that was my favorite. I added it to my hub world.


You can pick it up here. Dialogue System is a really beautiful asset, you can create complex dialogues with this. It is endless in depth and complexity, do you want to know why? Because Disco Elysium was programmed in this system. That should be all you need to know. If you can make Disco Elysium in this, then you can make a top tier game, with the highest quality conversation, dialogue and story. It is a great asset, that will take you far, and I really enjoyed using it.


As nice as dialogue system is, I found myself using this even more, it’s also by Pixelcrushers and you can get it right here. Quest machine allows you to setup complex quest with ease, it also has starting dialogue when you’re beginning your quests, often rendering Dialogue System unrequired.

You can create procedural quests with this thing, you can make kill number of enemies quests, or find the object quests, or talk to NPC quests, or any number of other things.

When one quest is done, you can start up another one, and make a big long series of quests. I genuinely enjoyed this asset.

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You can pick up the Low Poly Sci Fi City Right here. I covered this in my previous article on Unreal Assets but they have it in Unity too. It’s actually a really nice asset, it’s huge, it doesn’t cost too much, on sale right now for 25 bucks.

It’s a nice big environment, with lots to see, and lots to do, looks very nice in my hub world. I had it setup so you could walk from the Module Based City Creator scene, right into this sci fi city. It’s so nice, so glorious, very happy.

Very pleased with this. Actually all the Synty assets are pretty high quality, if you wanted you could make a full low poly game with just their stuff and it would be really good, you’d be going from medieval, to modern day, to futuristic cities, to post apocalyptic wastelands, and everything in between. It’s a really good system of assets they have accumulated over the years and they do not charge very much for their work.


Pick up Japanese Street here. Japanese Street is also available on the Unreal Marketplace, along with some of his other works. It is a glorious little scene, with lots of room to walk around in, I used to have this as my hub world in my old game, as the core of the hub world where you started before getting to the other areas.

Later on I replaced that with Suburban Neighborhood pack in my Unreal Game, but it’s still within walking distance of Japanese Street, their San Francisco street is also really nice quality, and it is in my Unreal game as well.

You can do a lot worse than this. This was the first thing I ever bought when I started making games properly, and you can’t beat that price.

Very nice. Very beautiful.

CVP – Japanese Garden ($40)

Pick it up here. This one has some niceness to it, to be sure…. I saw this thing in an early build stage, and I feel in love with it and made it part of my game. He has since updated it so much, it no longer even resembles the asset I fell in love with. Technically it is better in every way, but my heart still misses my original Japanese Garden, with the beautiful buddha. When things weren’t going good in my life and I was stressed, it’s embarrassing but I would go to my Japanese Garden and walk around to relax, I would walk up and sit near the Buddha and just look at him.

The guy who made this is a good friend of mine. He’s been with me through some tough times and he’s still my buddy. He helped me learn a bit about lighting, and more specifically that I should sit and study lighting for about a month, and I’ll have some very marketable skills, I still need to make time for that.

He’s very responsive on his discord if you run into any problems.

You can also check out his other work, artificial cells.

A very nice, sci fi psychedelic vibe with this one.

Japanese Garden in Four Seasons ($50)

You can find it here.

I had merged this with the Japanese Garden, to make a huge beautiful temple, first you walked from the important character’s house into this temple, you walk through the snow, until you get to the temple, inside the temple, there are three buddha’s, a dirty worn down buddha, a stone buddha in good condition, and a golden buddha, shining resplendent.

It is a very cool, relaxing environment, very nice to walk around in, makes you happy to walk through it, it also has a nice bamboo forest down below near the staircase.


There are a hell of a lot of good assets for the Unreal Asset store, I would still recommend making your game in Unreal, but you’re not doing yourself much of a disservice when working in Unity, it’s a good engine, just not quite as good as Unreal, you can still make an amazing game in it.

Anyway I need a smoke, ttyl!

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